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On arrival

Kazan map

Migration Card

According to the rules, everyone has to go through passport control and customs upon arrival at their first stop in Russia (in the most cases it is Moscow).

If your flight is (your country) - Moscow - Kazan, then the passport control will be in Moscow. If you have a direct flight to Kazan then passport control will be in Kazan.

During procedure of the passport control for foreign participants, officer will provide you a special card (migration card), where your name, passport number and final destination in Russia will be written. Please, be sure that your final destination is Kazan city. The passport control procedure takes usually few minutes.

Please, keep this migration card always with you. This card will be stamped in hotel you are staying, confirming your arrival to Kazan. You will need this stamped migration card during the passport control on the way back.

Baggage coupons

Please, keep your baggage coupons with you until you receive the baggage. Upon your arrival to Kazan airport, airport staff will check the numbers on baggage labels and baggage coupon you have on your hands.




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 Russian Foundation for Basic  Research


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