text Science with eROSITA and ART-XC aboard Spectrum-RG


The Spectrum-Roentgen-Gamma (Spectrum-RG) observatory is planned to be launched in 2013 into an L2 orbit. Over the first 4 years, its X-ray telescopes eROSITA and ART-XC will survey the whole sky with a record sensitivity in the 0.5-10 keV energy band. It is expected that the survey will discover practically all massive clusters of galaxies in the observable Universe and provide a uniquely rich database for studying the large scale structure of the Universe, testing cosmological models and constraining the nature of dark energy. The survey should also discover several millions of active galactic nuclei with which it will be possible to trace the history of growth of supermassive black holes in evolving galaxies. There also will be extensive observations of essentially all classes of Galactic X-ray sources, such as active stars, cataclysmic variables and X-ray binaries, as well as on hot diffuse interstellar and intergalactic media.

The goal of the second international Spectrum-RG conference is to discuss the different scientific topics addressed by the mission, synergies with surveys at other wavelengths, and requirements to follow-up observations.Contributed talks and poster presentations are invited on the topics related to the SRG science goals.

We plan to have a few talks on the status of the spacecraft and its instruments and a number of scientific sessions:


There will be an opening ceremony, chamber concert and reception at the Kazan Federal University on Monday afternoon, September 3rd. The scientific sessions will begin on the morning of Tuesday, September 4th, and will last until the evening of Friday, September 7th.

One afternoon during the conference is planned to be free, to have an organized tour of the Kazan Kremlin followed by the conference dinner. There are also plans to organize a boat trip on the Volga or an excursion around Kazan after the conference, on Saturday, September 8th.

There will be no Proceedings of the Conference, but we plan to make presentations available online.


To create a good working atmosphere during the conference, participation will be limited to about 150 people. The registration fee is 12,000 rubles (approximataly 300 euros). The fee includes the costs of the opening reception, coffee/tee and refreshments during breaks, one excursion during the conference, and the conference dinner. There is a fee of 4000 Rubles for accompanying persons, which covers the opening reception, one excursion during the conference, and the conference dinner.

Citizens from many countries need a visa to enter the Russian Federation. The LOC will provide invitation letters. See Visa support page.


There are Lufthansa flights from Frankfurt to Kazan and Aeroflot and S7 flights via Moscow. Kazan is also reachable by train from Moscow.




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First eROSITA International Conference: Mapping the Structure of the Energetic Universe 17-20 Oct 2011, Garmisch-Partenkirchen (Germany)
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