Second Circular and Call for Papers

The 6th INTEGRAL (International Gamma-Ray Astrophysics Laboratory) Workshop ``The Obscured Universe'' changed its location announced in the first circular and finally will be held at the Space Research Institute (IKI), Moscow, Russia on July 2-8, 2006 (the working days July 3-7).

The main goal of this workshop is to consider (via invited and contributed talks and posters) the scientific problems in the field of high energy astrophysics which are possible to solve using INTEGRAL as well as to present and discuss the scientific results obtained by this observatory and its coordinated observations with on-ground telescopes and other spacecrafts.

Presentations shall cover the following scientific topics:

+ X-ray binaries (IGR sources, black-holes and neutron stars)
+ Isolated neutron stars (gamma-ray pulsars, soft gamma-ray repeaters)
+ Accretion and physics of compact objects, strange stars, microquasars
+ Nucleosynthesis (SNe and SNRs, gamma-ray lines, diffuse emission)
+ Surveys, extragalactic and unidentified sources, AGNs and blazars
+ Super/massive black holes in AGNs, ellipticals, nucleus of the Galaxy
+ INTEGRAL and dark matter, cosmic background
+ Gamma-ray bursts
+ Highlights from other high energy missions
+ INTEGRAL status and instrument overviews (invited talks only)
+ Science data processing and analysis (posters only)
+ Future instruments and missions (posters only)

The workshop is jointly co-sponsored by IKI, ESA/ESTEC, RAS (Russian Academy of Sciences) and RFBR (Russian Basic Reseach Foundation).

Detailed information on abstract submission, workshop registration, hotel booking, visa receiving, travel support, social events, Moscow attractions as well as useful links to Moscow tourist guides and weather servers are available at the www-pages ( of the Local Organizing Committee (LOC). Short information is given below.

Abstract Submission and Scientific Program

The workshop pre-registration and abstract submission are opened at the workshop www-page ( before March 1, 2006.

Oral reports should consider the subject in the broad context with emphasis on physical processes and phenomena. Only restricted number of observational talks devoted to individual sources (the most enigmatic ones) will be selected. The reviews of both types (observational and theoretical) are welcome. The amount of participants will be limited to 250.

The duration (including 5 min for questions and discussion) of contributed oral reports will be 20 min, invited reports - 30 min, invited reviews - 40 min. The posters should be in A0 format and be posted during the first day of the workshop and removed during the last day.

The accepted abstracts and scientific program (including the list of posters) will be available on the workshop www-page after March 31, 2006.

Workshop Proceedings

All accepted contributions will be refereed by the Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) and published by ESA as one volume of the ESA-SP series. In addition, it is the intention to publish the conference proceedings also on CD-ROM, which will be included in the printed version.

Workshop participants will receive a free copy of the proceedings. To guarantee the publication of any paper (oral contribution or poster), the lead author or one co-author must be present at the workshop.

Further information and instructions to authors for the preparation of camera-ready papers will be provided in due course.

Final Registration

Authors of the approved abstracts (or scientists approved to take part in the workshop without presentation) will be invited to fill out a final registration form at the workshop www-page after March 31, 2006. The final registration will mean the agreement to pay the workshop fee of 8500 Rbls (equivalent of 250 Euro) in cash to the LOC at the registration desk at IKI after arrival to the workshop.

Deadline for submitting this form is April 13, 2006. Note that deadlines for request of Visa support from IKI and Cultural event sign-up are as well April 13.

Social Events

Several social events are planned including a reception with welcome cocktail, a workshop dinner and a tour to Kremlin or one of three sightseeing tours. Please sign-up for tours at the LOC www-pages before April, 13.

There is a nice selection of useful links at the LOC www-page to the Moscow museums, theatres, exhibitions and other attractives. If you are intersted in attending Moscow theatres we recommend to book tickets well in advance because of high season.

Travel support

Same as for past INTEGRAL workshops, the organizers will make best efforts to provide some financial support to help participants, e.g. young (under 35 years old) scientists, attending the workshop. Travel support relies solely upon very limited funds which we hope will become available through sponsors. The total amount available is yet unknown, as is the number of requests for financial support. Authors of presentations accepted for the workshop who have requested travel support will be informed in due time about feasibility of support. Requests for support shall be made through the abstract submission/pre-registration form.

Following the traditions the organizers will waive the workshop fee for all invited participants and young scientists getting travel support from the LOC. Also, the organizers hope to decrease the workshop fee value for Russian participants using a special grant issued by the RBRF.

Visa support

All foreign participants are required to obtain visas to enter Russia. If you travel alone, the cheapest option is to obtain a "business visa" using an official invitation from IKI. This takes about 45 days. The ESA representatives can obtain an official invitation for a "business visa" from the ESA Office in Moscow. If you travel with family members or need faster processing, you should obtain a "tourist visa".

The detailed information on both options can be found at the workshop www-page. Note that we should have all information from you no later than April 13, 2006, to garantee succesfull preparation of an official invitation at IKI.

Hotel Accommodation

The workshop www-site provides all necessary information on booking hotel rooms in Moscow. We highly recommend to make hotel booking as soon as possible (immedialtely after your final registration) due to high season in Moscow. Do not hesitate to contact the LOC in the case of any problems.

Travel Information and City Maps

Most international flights arrive to Sheremetyevo II (SVO) or Domodedovo (DME) Airports. The ways from the airports to the Moscow downtown are described in detail at the LOC www-site. The site describes as well the way to IKI and contains a selection of Moscow maps (including the Moscow subway map).

Calendar of Events
+ Deadline for abstract submission/pre-registration
+ Program + abstracts on WWW
+ Final registration deadline
+ Deadline for request of visa support at IKI
+ Deadline for sign-up on cultural events (tours)
+ Third circular and final program
+ Workshop
+ Welcome cocktail
+ Tours
+ Workshop dinner
+ Proceedings publication
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Scientific Advisory Committee

T.Courvoisier (Switzerland), R.Diehl (Germany), N.Gehrels (USA), S.Grebenev (Russia), W.Hermsen (The Netherlands), F.Lebrun (France), N.Lund (Denmark), M.Mas-Hesse (Spain), G.Palumbo (Italy), J.Paul (France), J.-P.Roques (France), R.Sunyaev (Russia, Chair), B.Teegarden (USA), P.Ubertini (Italy), C.Winkler (The Netherlands)

Local Organizing Committee (IKI)

R.A.Sunyaev (Chair), S.A.Grebenev (Deputy Chair), M.N.Pavlinsky (Deputy Chair), A.A.Lutovinov, I.V.Chelovekov, R.A.Krivonos, S.S.Tsygankov, S.V.Molkov, V.A.Arefiev, E.M.Churazov, E.V.Filippova, M.G.Revnivtsev, A.F.Rybakova, S.Yu.Sazonov, A.Yu.Tkachenko, N.P.Vasilieva (Secretary), E.B.Zukerman

Contact Addresses (INTEGRAL Workshop LOC)
e-mails: integral06
sergei hea.iki.rssi.rui
(Prof. Rashid A. Sunyaev)
(Dr. Sergei A. Grebenev)
(Dr. Christoph Winkler)
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