All-Russian Conference

"High Energy Astrophysics Today and Tomorrow"

At the end of December every year from 2001, the traditional conference "High Energy Astrophysics Today and Tomorrow" takes place in the Space Research Institute (Moscow)

22-25 Dec 2014
The conference will be held at Space Research Institute. See the conference website for details (in Russian, translate button can be found in footer).
HEA 23-26 Dec 2013, 24-27 Dec 2012, 13-16 Dec 2011, 21-24 Dec 2010.
21-24 Dec 2009
The conference has been held at Space Research Institute. The conference website.
24-26 Dec 2008
As usual, the conference has been held at Space Research Institute in December. The conference website.
24-26 Dec 2007
More than 120 participants from Russia and former USSR counties. Conference schedule and photos can be found on the website.
26-28 Dec 2006
The main topic of the conference was rapidly growing Spectrum-X-Gamma project. See also SRG project official website.
26-28 Dec 2005
Conference brought together more than 137 participants from all Russia and neighbours. Conference website is located here.
24-26 Dec 2003
To the conference website.
24-26 Dec 2002
More than 100 participants. To the conference website.
24-26 Dec 2001
First All-Russian Astrophysics conference of this line held in IKI RAN.

International Astrophysics Conferences
Integral Workshop
2-6 Jul 2006
The 6th INTEGRAL Workshop "The Obscured Universe" was held in Space Research Institute, Moscow, Russia. The workshop is organized by IKI, ESA/ESTEC, RAS (Russian Academy of Sciences) and RFBR (Russian Basic Reseach Foundation). More than 200 participants from Russia, Europe and USA. See official conference website.
20-24 Dec 2004
2004 year marks the 90th anniversary of Yakov Zeldovich. The conference commemorates his contribution to astronomy by concentrating on recent progress in cosmology and high energy astrophysics, the areas where his ideas laid basis for revolutionary advances. The conference brought together more than 120 participants at the Space Research Institute (IKI) in Moscow. To the conference website.