International Conference

Cosmology and High Energy Astrophysics  (Zeldovich-90)

Home | Scientific Program | Contacts | List of participants   December 20-24, 2004,
Space Research Institute (IKI),Moscow, Russia.
This year marks the 90th anniversary of Yakov Zeldovich. The conference will commemorate his contribution to astronomy by concentrating on recent progress in cosmology and high energy astrophysics, the areas where his ideas laid basis for revolutionary advances.
The conference will be held at the Space Research Institute (IKI) in Moscow, Russia, on December 20-24, 2004.
Science Topics:
  • Cosmology
  • Cosmological parameters from CMB, SNIa, and other methods. Physics of the Early Universe and astro-partical physics. Formation of large scale structure. Clusters of galaxies. Outstanding issues, new questions, what will be possible in the future?

  • Astrophysics of Black Holes and Matter at Extreme Densities and Temperatures
  • Stellar mass and supermassive black holes - observations and theory. Neutron stars - equation of state and physical processes. Supernova explosions. Gamma-ray bursts.
    Invited and targeted speakers:
    R.Aptekar (FTI), A.Cherepaschuk (SAI MSU), E.Churazov (IKI/MPA), A.Dolgov (ITEP/INFN), W.Forman (Harvard-Smithsonian CfA), M.Gilfanov (IKI/MPA), N.Gnedin (U.Colorado), K.Gorski (JPL/Caltech), L.Grishchuk (U.Cardiff), E. van den Heuvel (University of Amsterdam), C.Jones (Harvard-Smithsonian CfA), M.Kamionkowski (Caltech), M. van der Klis (University of Amsterdam), A.Kravtsov (U.Chicago), C.Lawrence (Caltech/JPL), A.Loeb (Harvard), C.Martin (Caltech), S.P.Oh (U.California, Santa Barbara), L.Page (Princeton), R.Rafikov (IAS, Princeton), A.Readhead (Caltech), T.Soifer (Caltech), A.Starobinsky (Landau ITP), Y.Tanaka (MPE), J.Truemper (MPE), A.Vikhlinin (IKI/CfA), R.Wijers (University of Amsterdam), D.Yakovlev (Ioffe Inst.)
    Abstract Submission:
    For those of you who have not yet submitted the title of the talk or an abstract please use this link. The deadline for asbtract submission is November 15.
    Moscow weather and attractions:
    Despite common misconceptions, late December in Moscow is usually rather mild. The temperature is highly unlikely to fall below 253K and the more typical range is 263K to 268K. Moscow features a large number of historical and cultural attractions (see our practical information section). On the free afternoon of Wednesday Dec. 22nd a TOUR OF KREMLIN (including 3 churches inside Kremlin) and a TOUR OF "Oruzheinaya Palata" (The Armoury Chamber - most famous museum in Kremlin) will be arranged. The cost of each tour will be approximately 12 euro per person. If you are interested in these tours - please sign-up. The deadline for sign-up is November 15th - we can not guarantee booking of tickets after this date.
    Scientific Organizing Committee:
    A.F.Andreev, A.M.Cherepaschuk, E.Churazov, S.S.Gerstein, M.Gilfanov, S.Grebenev, L.B.Okun, V.A.Rubakov, A.Yu.Rumyantsev,  R.A.Sunyaev, A.A.Starobinsky, A.Vikhlinin, L.M.Zelenyi.

    Local Organizing Committee:
    M.Pavlinsky, A.Lutovinov, V.Arefiev, A.Tkachenko, M.Revnivtsev, R.Krivonos, N.Alexandrovich, E.Zukerman.

    High Energy Astrophysics Department at IKI, 2004.