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Cosmology and High Energy Astrophysics  (Zeldovich-90)

Home | Scientific Program | Contacts | List of participants   December 20-24, 2004,
Space Research Institute (IKI),Moscow, Russia.
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A. Aksenov Structure of Pair Winds from Hot Bare Strange Stars poster B1
G. Alaverdyan    
R. Aptekar 10 years observations of GRBs in the Russian-American KONUS-WIND experiment: results and perspectives. talk
V. Arefiev Long-term behavior peculiar X-ray Novae XTE J1550-564 poster C11
O.V. Babourova    
D. Barsukov Gamma radiation of radio pulsar polar caps with non-dipolar magnetic field (D.P. Barsukov and E.M. Kantor) poster B2
S. Bastrukov    
V.B. Belyaev    
I. Bikmaev    
N. Bochkarev Cyg X-1 (V1357 Cyg) and Its Interstellar Environment poster C13
A. Bogomazov Mass evolution of binary neutron stars. poster C2
V. Bogomolov Dynamics of binary x-ray pulsar fluxes from long-term data bases of "Prognoz 9" and "Mir GRIF" missions. poster D1
S. Bogovalov    
R. Burenin 400 square degrees ROSAT/PSPC galaxy cluster survey poster A1
A. Bykov Shock Waves and Nonthermal Processes in Clusters of Galaxies and Supernova Remnants talk
I. Chelovekov 1) X-ray bursts detected with the IBIS/ISGRI telescope onboard INTEGRAL in 2003.
 2) Broadband X-ray spectrum and bursting behavior of MX 0836-42
poster D2,D3
A. Cherepashchuk Search for Black Holes: from Zeldovich and Salpeter to present days talk
S. L Cherkas    
A. Chernenko    
A. D. Chernin    
M. Chernyakova 1) XMM observations of PSR B1259-63 2004 periastron passage.
2) INTEGRAL Science Data Center
poster D4,D5
E. Churazov Positrons annihilation in the Galaxy talk
E. Derishev Off-axis emission from relativistic jets talk
A. Dolgov Gerstein-Zeldovich bound and cosmological restrictions on neutirino mass. talk
E. Drobyshevski    
A. Dudorov Dynamics of Rarefaction Waves in Presupernovae Core Collapse A.E. Dudorov, A.G. Zhilkin poster B3
F. Durret Clusters of galaxies seen in X-rays: war and peace. talk
S.A. Dyadechkin Relativistic jet simulation from a Kerr black hole. poster C3
S. Fabrika    
D. I. Nagirner,
A. A. Fetisova
The Sunyaev-Zeldovich Effect in Elliptic Galaxies poster A2
V. Fidelis Observations of blazar 1ES 2344 + 514 in synchrotron/inverse compton regimes poster D6
L. Filipov    
E. Filippova Broadband observations of transient X-ray pulsar SAX J2103.5 4545 poster D7
A. Finogenov XMM-Newton pilot study of cluster appearence in Sunyaev-Zeldovich sky. talk
A. Finoguenov XMM-Newton pilot study of cluster appearence in Sunyaev-Zeldovich sky. talk
W. Forman Chandra X-ray Observations of Clusters/Groups/Galaxies talk
B. N. Frolov Hubble flow and de Sitter universe poster A3
M. Gilfanov X-ray variability, viscous time scale and Lindblad resonances in LMXBs talk
I. V. Glazyrin    
N. Gnedin Cosmological Reionization talk
Y. N. Gnedin Perspective of Future X-Ray Astronomocal Polarimetry talk
G. Golitsyn An explanation of the shape of cosmic rays spectrum for 10 talk
K. M. Gorski Exploiting CMB Measurements from Space - Looking Forward to Planck and Beyond talk
S. A. Grebenev Overview of the INTEGRAL results (hard X-ray view to our Galaxy) talk
L. Grishchuk Relic Gravitational Waves and Cosmology talk
A. Gromov    
D. A. Gryaznykh Application of $K\epsilon$ model of turbulence to simulations of thermonuclear bursts of neutron stars in LMXB poster B4
M. Gusakov Suprathermal radial pulsations of neutron stars (authors: M.E. Gusakov, D.G. Yakovlev, O.Yu. Gnedin) poster B5
G. Hajyan    
E. van den Heuvel Formation and evolution of double neutron stars talk
A. Ibragimov Behaviour of SAX J1808.4-3658 X-ray millisecond pulsar during 2002 outburst poster C1
M. Ibrahimov    
N. Ikhsanov Signs of the subsonic propeller state of neutron stars in recurrent transient pulsars. poster C4
A. Illarionov    
V.S. Imshennik    
C. Jones Chandra Survey of Early Type Galaxies talk
A. Kamenshchik Chaplygin gas and tachyon models and cosmology talk
A.D. Kaminker    
M. Kamionkowski Self-Consistent Theory of Halo Mergers talk
E. Karitskaya The High-Resolution Optical Spectroscopy As A Method Of X-RAY Binary CYG X-1 Investigation. The First Results Fulfilled On Peak Terskol Observatory. poster C12
S. Kelner    
B. Khrenov    
D. I. Nagirner,
S. L. Kirusheva
Point-source of Radiation in the Early Universe poster A4
M. van der Klis Common timing features in neutron stars and black holes talk
R. Kneissl Searching for SZ clusters talk
V. Kocharovsky Neutrino emission from neutron-rich relativistic jets talk
D. Kosenko    
Y. Kotov    
K. V. Krasnobaev    
A. Kravtsov High-resolution simulations of cluster formation talk
R. Krivonos Extragalactic source counts in the 17--50 keV energy range from the deep observation of the Coma region by INTEGRAL poster A5
C. R. Lawrence The QUIET Experiment: Measuring CMB Polarization with Massive Arrays of Coherent Detectors talk
V. Lipunov    
G. V. Lipunova    
A. Lobanov Supermassive binary black hole systems in powerful AGN talk
A. Loeb Acceleration of High-Energy Particles in Cosmological Shocks talk
A. Lutovinov INTEGRAL observations of high mass X-ray binaries in the inner parts of the Galaxy. talk
V. Malofeev Radio emission of two anomalous x-ray pulsars poster B8
I. Malov    
M. Markevitch Bow shock in the merging cluster 1E0657-56 talk
V. Martianov Peculiar features of Weibel instability in ultrarelativistic jets poster C5
C. Martin GALEX talk
K. Martiyanov Self-similar solutions for relativistic shock waves with losses poster C6
L.I. Matveenko    
P. Mazzotta Comparing the temperatures of clusters of galaxies from hydro-N-body simulations to Chandra and XMM-Newton observations talk
M. Medvedev How the Universe got magnetized? (The origin of cosmological magnetic fields and beyond.) talk
N. R. Minkova    
S. Molkov   poster D8
A. Mourao SNLS-The Supernova Legacy Survey: first year data poster A11
V. Musakhanyan    
S. Peng Oh 3 sigma peaks: Observational Signatures of High Redshift Galaxies and Low Redshift Clusters talk
L. Page Recent Results from WMAP talk
Y. Parijskij Ya. Zeldovich and "Cosmological Gene" Project talk
R. Pasechnik 1) Invariant dynamics of scalar perturbations in inflationary universe
2) Structure of the supersymmetric Dark Matter: new possibilities for the theory and experiment
poster A6,A7
F. Perrotta Dark Energy in Extended Gravity theories talk
D. Podolsky Kinetic equation of state talk
S. Popov New test for cooling curves: Population synthesis of close-by neutron stars (by S. Popov, H. Grigorian, R. Turolla, and D. Blaschke) poster B6
K.  Postnov X-ray luminosity function of low-mass X-ray binaries in galaxies talk
J. Poutanen Accretion-powered millisecond pulsars talk
D. Prohorov In-situ acceleratioon of subrelativistic electrons in the Coma halo and its influence on the Sunyaev-Zeldovich effect poster A8
M. Prokhorov Formation of very massive neutron stars poster B7
R. Rafikov Properties of Extrasolar Planets talk
A. Readhead Two-year total intensity and one-year polarization microwave background observations with the Cosmic Background Imager talk
M. Revnivtsev Hard X-ray view of the past activity of Sgr A* in a natural Compton mirror talk
A. Romanov    
A. A. Sadoyan    
N. Sakhibullin    
E. Sergio Santini    
M. Sazhin    
S. Sazonov INTEGRAL observations of gamma-ray bursts talk
E. Seifina Analysis of "local minima"-effect in Multifrequency Observations of SS433 (E.Seifina* and T.Irsmambetova**
* Sternberg Astronomical Institute ** SAI Crimean observatory)
poster D9
V.S. Semenov Relativistic jet as a result of a magnetic flux tube falling onto a Kerr black hole. poster C7
N. Shakura Theory of the disk accretion: origin and development. talk
E. Sheffer    
Y. Shibanov Optical observations of radiopulsars of different ages with large groundbased telescopes and HST talk
P. Shtykovskiy High mass X-ray binaries in LMC: dependence on the stellar population age and the ``propeller'' effect poster C8
I.N. Sibgatullin Magnetic field of a magnetized neutron star surrounded by a thin accretion disk of finite extension. poster C9
V. A. Simonenko Propagation of thermonuclear burning along the surface of neutron star for high-frequency oscillating bursts talk
B. T. Soifer Early Extragalactic Results from Spitzer Space Telescope talk
S.V. Starikova    
A. Starobinsky The primordial perturbation spectrum talk
A. Sudarikov    
V. Suleimanov RXTE broadband X-ray spectra of intermediate polars and white dwarf mass estimates by V.Suleimanov, M.Revnivtsev and H. Ritter poster D10
R. Sunyaev talk
Y. Tanaka X-ray Astronomy with High Spectral Resolution talk
A. Timokhin    
L. Titarchuck How To Distinguish a X-ray Neutron Star (NS) Source From a Black Hole Source? talk
L. Tkachev Preparation of the TUS Space Experiment for UHECR Study poster D11
I. Toptygin    
J. E. Truemper Progress and puzzles in neutron star physics talk
S. Trushkin    
S. Tsygankov Study of transient X-ray pulsar KS 1947 300 with INTEGRAL and RXTE observatories poster D12
A. Tuntsov 3-dimensional approach to propagation of intensity correlations due to gravitational lensing over cosmological distances. poster A12
A.V. Uryson    
E. Vasiliev Initial star formation phases behind shockwaves in early universe poster A9
A. Vikhlinin Baryon content of galaxy clusters and cosmology talk
A. Voevodkin Constraining amplitude and slope of the mass fluctuation spectrum. poster A10
I. Voloshina Results of Optical Monitoring of Cataclysmic Variable GK Per During the Campaign of Coordinated Observations with INTEGRAL (Voloshina, I.; Sementsov, V.; Metlova, N.) poster D13
R. A.M.J. Wijers High-energy phenomena from gamma-ray bursts talk
D. Yakovlev Five regimes of nuclear burning in dense stellar matter talk
L. Yungelson    
V. Zakharov Hydrodynamics talk
A. Zakharov Massive Black Holes: Theory vs. observations poster C10
V.V. Zheleznyakov    
V. Zirakashvili Acceleration of energetic particles in the galactic wind poster D14

High Energy Astrophysics Department at IKI, 2004.