International Conference

Cosmology and High Energy Astrophysics  (Zeldovich-90)

Home | Scientific Program | Contacts | List of participants   December 20-24, 2004,
Space Research Institute (IKI),Moscow, Russia.
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Please, take into account that approximately 10 min is needed to reach a conference hall at IKI from metro Kaluzhskaya.
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On the free afternoon of Wednesday Dec. 22nd a TOUR OF KREMLIN (including 3 churches inside Kremlin) and a TOUR OF "Oruzheinaya Palata" (The Armoury Chamber - most famous museum in Kremlin) will be arranged. The cost of each tour will be approximately 12 euro per person. If you are interested in these tours - please sign-up. The deadline for sign-up is November 15th - we can not guarantee booking of tickets after this date.

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High Energy Astrophysics Department at IKI, 2004.