All-Russia Conferences
22-25 Dec 2014
See talk by M. Pavlinsky about current status of the SRG project.
24-26 Dec 2008
The conference has been held at Space Research Institute in December. The conference website.
26-28 Dec 2006
The main topic of the conference was rapidly growing Spectrum-X-Gamma project. See also SRG project official website.

International Astrophysics Conferences
3-7 Sep 2012 Science with eROSITA and ART-XC aboard Spectrum-RG: X-ray sky: from stars and black holes to cosmology in Kazan (Russia).
17-20 Oct 2011 First eROSITA International Conference: Mapping the Structure of the Energetic Universe has been held in Garmisch-Partenkirchen (Germany).
X-Ray Astronomy 2009
7-11 Sep 2009
The X-Ray Astronomy 2009 Conference PRESENT STATUS, MULTI-WAVELENGTH APPROACH AND FUTURE PERSPECTIVES has been held in Bologna (Italy). Talks: e-ROSITA on SRG by Predehl Peter and SRG astrophysical project by M.Pavlinsky.

Last updated: December 17 2015