August 18, 2009 Roscosmos (Russia) and DLR (Germany) signed an Agreement "On cooperation in the framework of Spectrum-Roentgen-Gamma orbital astrophysical project"

The Spectrum-Roentgen-Gamma mission will be launched into a L2 orbit with Soyuz launcher and Fregat buster from Baikonur. The mission will conduct all-sky survey with X-ray mirror telescopes eROSITA and ART-XC up to 11 keV. It will allow detection of about 100 thousand clusters of galaxies and discovery large scale Universe structure. It will also discover all obscured accreting Black Holes in nearby galaxies and many (about 3 millions) new distant AGN. Then it is planned to observe dedicated sky regions with high sensitivity and thereafter to perform follow-up pointed observations of selected sources.

Last updated: December 17 2015