Content-Type: text/html Zeldovich-90: COSMOLOGY AND HIGH ENERGY ASTROPHYCIS

International Conference

Cosmology and High Energy Astrophysics  (Zeldovich-90)

Home | Pre-registration | Practical Information | Contacts December 20-24, 2004,
Space Research Institute (IKI),Moscow, Russia.
Anatoly Klypin 50% Crisis in cosmology on small scales
Andrey Kravtsov 90% High-resolution simulations of cluster formation
S. Peng Oh 50% 3 sigma peaks: Observational Signatures of High Redshift Galaxies and Low Redshift Clusters
Stefano Borgani 50% Hydrodynamical simulations of galaxy clusters: the interplay between ICM physics and galaxy formation.
Goverdhan S Khadekar 100% Higher Dimensional Static Cosmological Model in Lyra Manifold
Irek Khamitov 90%
Sergei Popov 100% Constrains on cooling models and mass spectrum from Log N - Log S distribution of close-by neutron stars
Alexis Finoguenov 90% XMM-Newton pilot study of cluster appearence in Sunyaev-Zeldovich sky.
Stefano Ettori 50% Evolution in the physical properties of the ICM
Dr. Bivudutta Mishra 100% Bianchi Type V False Vacuum Cosmological Model in Scale Invariant Theory
Avetis Abel Sadoyan 90% Gravitational Waves from isolated sigle white dwarfs
Rashid Sunyaev 90% CMB and the epoch of reionization
Abraham Loeb 50% Acceleration of High-Energy Particles in Cosmological Shocks
Total number of pre-registered partisipants is 13.

High Energy Astrophysics Department at IKI, 2004.