400d cluster survey

Likelihood grids for a set of cosmological models

The following tables provide tabulate likelihood function for a set of cosmological models with dark energy equation of state:

Format of all these files is identical:
OmegaM OmegaDE w0  wa  sigma8  h   chi2
Likelihood function is specified as effective chi2, chi2 = -2*ln(L) + const, where const is adjusted so that for the best-fit model it characterizes goodness of fit (see section 7 in Paper II).

Likelihood tables are truncated to the region chi2<100 to save space. You can also download complete tables: flat-w0 (9.5M), flat-w0-wa (102M), nonflat-w0 (104M).

Note that while h and sigma8 grids are uniform, those for OmegaM, OmegaDE, and equation of states may not be. To obtain a set of grid points, run something like

 awk '{print $1}' chi2.grid.OmegaM-w.restricted | sort -n | uniq
($1 for OmegaM, $2 for OmegaDE, $3 for w0, $4 for wa grids, respectively).

See also CosmoMC fortran 90 module to interpolate in these grids.