Hi! I'm Den from Moscow, Russia.

Finally I can prove you I am a nudist! Photos of me naked haven't a big aesthetic value :) that's why I haven't had any posted before. Now you can see me (and not just me) by clicking here. To those who want to see real nu I recommend to visit Lara from Artasia - there is everything one might be interested in.

What I'd like to share with you is my impressions after a week on an island resort Ada at the mouth of Boyana river on Adriatics near Yugoslavian (Montenegro) - Albanian border back in 1996. You won't believe but it was the first time I was swimming in the sea during my 25 years so I am one of those people if any who doesn't know how it feels through the swimsuit! So don't ask me is there any difference - I just cannot compare. Well, I used to swim in river every summer actually and since the first time I took everything off I never wanted it back on - that's how I liked it! A few words about how that happened - it was funny and - well, perhaps unforgettable (don't like that strong words, but here it's true). Imagine: Moscow, 3rd of May, last snow has melted no more than 2 weeks ago (I saw it with my own eyes on my friend's birthday on the 21st of April), season is just about to open - only few dozens of people on the beach in Serebryanyi Bor (which is a favorite place of about 3 thousands Moscow nudists for many years already) and only one woman coming out of water - I gave her hand to help with that, she was so cold that I got afraid to get into the water, but what a man I would be after that, told I to myself, if I can not do what she has just done?!? So I came in, it wasn't deadly cold actually - no more than 13 centigrade I suppose, but I could stand it only for 2 minutes for the first time and once again in a few minutes. Next day I tried it 3 times already and while water was getting warmer and warmer I got more and more enjoyment of that but the first time was the best however!

Well, it is much more than a few words! I promised you to tell about Boyana Ada, so now back to it. For those who have 1995 edition of Lee Baxandall's World Guide I must say it is not more exclusively nudist area but is worthy of visiting anyway. Of course I haven't seen Californian, Canarian or Greek beaches but this one has at least one advantage - it is not visited much so if come before June 15th or after August 20th one can have his/her own 100 square meters of very pleasant and clean sand (Baxandall is right saying that Montenegro got the smaller but the better part of Adriatic coastline), very nice, clean and warm water and even umbrella for 5 dinars per day (it is $1 but deutschmarks are preferable - it is more profitable to exchange dollars for marks in Moscow for example because $1 costs 4.90 dinars while DM is 3.30 approximately). The thing you get for free is four tennis courts two of those are kept in good condition while two others have nets torn... Well, there was embargo in that country for years so one shouldn't expect much of it, and when you don't do so - you will get lots of extra time, good memories and new friends from different places just like I did there (I happened to be the only Russian at the whole place for a week so I had a big popularity among everybody). Hint: take tennis racket and balls with you and good holiday in a company of interesting people is guaranteed! And one more thing I will never forget - when our plane was landing at the Podgorice (Titograd for years before) airport it was like entering the volcano's crater...

All the best and - why not? - see you some day in Ada! Or somewhere else? If you ever happen to be in Moscow in the summertime, find a few hours to visit our beach in Serebryanyi Bor - it is not far from the city center, you can reach it by taking the following trolleybus (electric bus) lines:

Page created: September 1996
Last updated: July 30th, 2003
Last year's news: Sunbathing season - 2002 opened on April 13th! This is record breaking for me! Started swimming on May 2nd. Has already converted two girls into nudists!

Denis Denissenko

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