Astronomy Letters, Aims and Scope

Pis'ma v Astronomicheskii Zhurnal
(Astronomy Letters)

A Journal of Astronomy and Space Astrophysics


"Pis'ma v Astonomicheskii Zhurnal" contains scientific papers and rapid communications on the results and interpretation of new observations, space experiments and theoretical research in the field of astronomy and astrophysics. You'll find broad coverage of topics including cosmology, theoretical and relativistic astrophysics, high energy astrophysics, optical, submillimeter and radio astronomy, physics of the Sun, planets and comets.


"Pis'ma v Astonomicheskii Zhurnal" covers astronomy and astrophysics of the Solar system, our Galaxy, Metagalaxy and the Universe. It presents the results of ground-based and space observations of Galactic and extragalactic objects at wavelengths across the electromagnetic spectrum, the works in the field of cosmology, relativity and gravitation, the works devoted to physics of black holes, neutron stars and white dwarfs, stars in close binary systems, experimental and theoretical investigations of stellar composition and physical processes in the space. The key problems of conventional astronomy, celestial mechanics and astrometry are discussed and reviewed.