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Since January 2000 our English translation (Astronomy Letters) is available on-line !!!
(see Note on printing of the on-line papers)
     Scanned copies of Astronomy Letters for 1975-2000 can be found on-line in free access in ADS
     Russian version of the journal is available on-line in eLIBRARY.RU

General Information:

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Translation in English:

The journal is translated in English under the name Astronomy Letters
(see Springer/Russian Library of Science and MAIK/NAUKA homepages
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Our journal and our authors got awards from MAIK/NAUKA for the best publications in

1995 - papers by Terekhov et al.
1996 - the Grand prize - by Varshalovich et al. (full story)
1997 - by Kuz'min & Losovskii (full story)
1998 - by Imshennik et al. (full story)
1999 - by Matveyenko et al.
2001 - by Berezhko & Ksenofontov (full story)
2003 - by Vikhlinin et al.
2004 - by Toptygin et al. (full story)
2005 - by Matveyenko et al. (full story)
2006 - the Grand prize - by Sunyaev et al. (full story)
2007 - by Frederiks et al. (full story)
2008 - by Grachev & Dubrovich
2009 - by Postnov et al.
2010 - by Fadeyev
2011 - by Somov et al.
2012 - by Lutovinov et al.
2013 - by Burenin & Vikhlinin

Abstract and Other Servers:

CDS on-line journal service
ADS on-line journal service
ADS / CDS / ESO on-line abstract service
LANL / ITEPh astrophysics preprints
ApJ (EE) A&A AdvSR A&SS IAU Circulars ATEL GCN
Nature MNRAS Physics-Uspekhi JETPh (Letters)

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