INTEGRAL All-sky survey: SLX 1746-331 (LMXB)
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INTEGRAL IBIS/ISGRI light curveHistogram of the Flux Distribution
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	     SLX 1746-331
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	     SLX 1746-331
Plot description: Histogram of the source flux averaged over s/c orbit (see lightcurve on the left). The flux bin [1,5] mCrab contains counts from range [-5,5] mCrab. The flux measurements with error >5 mCrab were dropped.
Plot description: The blue data points show source flux over one s/c orbit (3 days). The all time-averaged flux and corresponding 1σ errors are shown in red. The star symbol is shown when flux error is greater than 5 mCrab and detection significance is less than 3σ.
Please refer to this catalog as: Krivonos et al., 2007, A&A, 475, 775 [NASA ADS]
glonglat17-60 keV, Flux1,2,3
SLX 1746-331267.477-33.201 -3.176 -2.977 6.39 ± 0.19 33.63LMXB BH X-ray transient [R106:112]Schedule
Flux on the all-time-averaged sky map (mCrab): 0.68 ± 0.06, shown above in red.Effective dead-time corrected exposure time (ks): 8878
See also nominal (scheduled) time at the source position
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Last updated: May 27 2011