30th of August 2003

IBIS/ISGRI mapNote of the Galactic Center 17-60 keV, REVOLUTION 0107 Schedule
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This map is actualy the mosaic image of the Galactic Center region. The image is shown in significance with a squared root color map ranging from 0 to 25. The black and blue colors correspond to pixel values from 0 to 2. The red pixels have values of around 5. The yellow to white color transition corresponds to 15 and more. Note, that maps for different INTEGRAL revolutions cannot be directly compared to each other due to different exposure.
Please refer to this catalog as: Krivonos et al., 2007, A&A, 475, 775 [NASA ADS]
SourceId17-60 keV, Flux1,2,3
  1. Time-averaged source flux in mCrab units. A flux of 1 mCrab corresponds to 1.43e-11 erg/s/cm2 for a source with a Crab-like spectrum.
  2. Source flux was measured on the map averaged over the indicated spacecraft revolution.
  3. General astrophysical type of the object. LMXB (HMXB) - low- (high-) mass X-ray binary, AGN - active galactic nucleus, SNR/PWN - supernova remnant/pulsar wind nebula CV - cataclysmic variable, PSR - isolated pulsar or pulsar wind nebula, SGR - soft gamma repeater, RS CVn - coronally active binary star, SymbStr - symbiotic star, MolCld - Molecular cloud, Cluster - cluster of galaxies.
  4. Additional notes and/or alternative source names. References are mainly provided for new sources and are related to their discovery and/or nature.
Notes on catalog
  • The positional accuracy of sources detected by IBIS/ISGRI depends on the source significance. The estimated 68% confidence intervals for sources detected at 5-6, 10, and > 20 standart deviations are 2.1, 1.5, and < 0.8 arcmin, respectively.
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