A Broad view on the Galaxy

Perseus Arm
Gal. Bulge
Norma Arm
Vela region
Cyg X-2
Cas A
A 0114+650
Cyg X-1
Cyg X-3
GRS 1915+105
Aql X-1
1E 1740.7-294
OAO 1657-41
GX 3+1
GX 5-1
GRS 1758-258
GX 9+1
Cen X-3
GX 301-2
Circinus galaxy
4U 1608-522
4U 1630-47
GX 339-4
Vela X-1
4U 0836-429
Crab Nebula
  • The mosaic above is obtained in 35-80 keV energy band and is shown in significance.
  • The green contours are isophotes of the 4.9 micron surface brightness of the Galaxy (COBE/DIRBE) revealing the bulge/disk structure of the Galaxy.

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