INTEGRAL Galactic Plane Survey*

New hard X-ray sources discovered after 14 years of observations

Face-on view of the Galaxy shown along with the distance range at which an X-ray source of a given luminosity (or more) can be detected. See reference paper for details. The background image is a sketch of the Galaxy adopted from Churchwell et al. (2009). See also INTEGRAL Picture of the Month and high-resolution image at

Galactic plane sky maps

17-60 keV, |Galactic latitude| < 17.5 deg., FITS format

Perseus ArmFlux Variance** Significance**
CygnusFlux Variance** Significance**
Galactic BulgeFlux Variance** Significance**
Norma ArmFlux Variance** Significance**
Vela regionFlux Variance** Significance**
Galactic AnticenterFlux Variance** Significance**

The list of newly detected hard X-ray sources (72)


Reference paper

MNRAS, vol. 470, issue 1, pp. 512-516, [ NASA ADS | arXiv ]