SODART X-ray telescope

SODART X-ray telescope

Images of real SODART telescope

SODART covered part of OB at Lavochkin (March 1998)
SODART Flight Optical Block at Lavochkin (30 Jan 1998)
Integration of Flight Optical Block at IABG clean facility (Dec 1997)
SODART slides integrated at Lavochkin (Dec 1997)
Optical block thermal vacuum tests at IKI (Sep 1997)
SODART vibrational tests (Feb 1997)
SODART qualification model (Dec 1995)
Description of the mirrors

SODART Point Spread Function

Simulated SODART image of 5 X-ray sources: on-axis, 4, 8, 10, 15 arcmin off-axis. Based on ray tracing results by Niels Jorgen Westergaard (

Last updated March 24, 1998