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The SXG-SDC archive will holds all Spectrum-X-Gamma raw data and processed data. The powerful extracting system will allow to get the data of interest by the most effitient way 


The prototype of archiving and data extracting system was realized for MOXE all-sky monitor long-term data archive
Several main requirements for such a data archive was taken into account:
1. The data must be organized in the way that will provide the maximum effectiveness for the goals of long term data analysis i.e. long period monitoring of the particular field of the sky.
2. The data must be Fits formatted in order to make them compatible with the most of the software presently based on this formats.
3. The system must be capable to store and retrieve the data of all the period of experiment activity of 3-5 years.

User can specify which data are necessary to be processed. On the basis of that selection the necessary database files will be selected.
The following parameters accepted:
Time The time intervals may be set as in the GMT, MJD, or in the mission seconds.
DBM2 field Because the data in DBM2 are stored sorted by the fields on the sky it is the simpliest way to specify which part of the sky is necessary.
Pointing in the different coordinate systems or by the direct selection of the particular X-ray source from the catalog.
Field of view The only the part of the sky can be selected, by specification of the circular field of view of a particular radius. Simultaneously the query pointing must be specified. The radical case of that option is selection only the photons under the PSF corresponding to the particular point on the sky. By the default selects the allsky FOV.
Status flag mask It is possible to exclude some groups of the events using the event status flag information.
Detector mask Which detector events must be selected.
Energy band User can specify the energy band for the query.
File include/exclude This option gives you possibility to include or exclude particular DBM2 data files from the query.

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