• More than one year old IAU Circulars
  • Preprint/abstract servers

  • Abstracts of papers published in A&A
  • Space instrumentation abstract service
  • ADS abstract service
  • ADS on-line article service
  • LANL preprint service
  • LANL astrophysics preprints
  • ADS Digital Library (Zombeck on-line!)
  • local copy of Zombeck's index
  • On-line manuals

  • PGPLOT v5.11
  • LaTeX2HTML
  • FITS users guide
  • FITSIO library of subroutines

  • Useful astronomy places

  • Internet Astronomy starting points
    (warning: many in-line images)
  • HEASARC/GSFC home page
  • Astronomy software resources
    (listed at NRAO)
  • Various FITS information
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    There is no "top" to the World-Wide Web. You can look at it from many points of view. Here are some places to start:
  • The Virtual Library
    A classification by information by subject. Includes links to other known virtual libraries.
    HTTP servers
    All registered WWW native "http" servers, by location.
    Servers by type
    if you know what sort of server you are looking for.
    About WWW
    About the World-Wide Web global information sharing project