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российско-турецкий 1.5-м телескоп

Отдел Астрофизики высоких энергий ИКИ РАН, Москва
Международная астрофизическая обсерватория Спектр-Рентген-Гамма
Международная орбитальная астрофизическая обсерватория ИНТЕГРАЛ

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Ключи заголовков FITS-файлов

ACQMODE           Acquisition mode 
AIRMASS           Air mass for current object observation                                                   
BIASSEC           OVERSCAN AREA                                  
BITPIX            Number of bits per data pixel
BSCALE            Default scaling factor: REAL = TAPE*BSCALE + BZERO
BZERO             Offset data range to that of unsigned short    
CALIB             Calibration                                    
CCD-TEMP          CCD temperature at start of exposure in C       
COMMENT           Comment text
DATATYPE          Data type                                      
DATE              File creation date (YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss UTC)
DATE-OBS          YYYY-MM-DD observation start date, UT           
DEC               OBJECT DEC, deg:arcmin:arcsec                                     
EPOCH             MEAN EQUINOX for RA and DEC                                  
EXPTIME           Exposure time in seconds                        
EXPOSURE          Total Exposure Time in seconds (as EXPTIME key)                            
EXTEND            FITS dataset may contain extensions            
FILTER            Filter used when taking image 
GAIN              AMPLIFIER GAIN, E/ADU                          
HBIN              Horizontal binning                             
HEAD              Head model                                     
IMAGETYP          Type of the image
IMGRECT           Image format                                   
INSTRUME          Head model (as HEAD key)
IRAF-TLM          ? data & time                                             
NAXIS             Number of axes                                 
NAXIS1            Length of data axis 1                                    
NAXIS2            Length of data axis 2                                    
NOTES             Notes text                                                      
OBJECT            OBJECT NAME                                    
OBSERVER          Observers names
OPERATN           Type of system                                 
ORIGIN            FITS file originator    
RA                OBJECT RA, HH:MM:SS.S                                      
READMODE          Readout mode                                   
READTIME          Pixel readout time                             
SECPIX            ARC-SEC PER PIXEL                              
SET-TEMP          CCD temperature setpoint in C                   
SIMPLE            Fits standard, file does conform to FITS standard                                  
ST                Star time                                                   
SUBRECT           Subimage format                              
TEMP              Temperature - ?
TELESCOP          Telescope name (= 'RTT150  ')                                                            
TIME-OBS          HH:MM:SS observation start time, UT             
TRIGGER           Trigger mode
TRIMSEC           IMAGE EXTRACTION AREA                          
UT                observation start time, UT, in hours                                                  
UTMIDDLE          observation middle time, UT
VBIN              Vertical binning                               
XBINNING          Binning along X axis = Horizontal binning
XORGSUBF          ?                                   
XPIXSZ            Image Pixel Width in microns                    
XTYPE             Calibration type                               
XUNIT             Type of system                                 
YBINNING          Binning along Y axis =Vertical binning
YPIXSZ            Image Pixel Height in microns                   
YORGSUBF          ?