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Russian-Turkish 1.5-m Telescope

High energy Astrophysics department of IKI, Moscow
International astrophysical observatory Spectrum-X-Gamma
International astrophysical space observatory INTEGRAL

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Primary mirror 

Main mirror assembly consists of:
    • mirror cell structure
    • main mirror
    • relief mechanisms
    • rigid supports
    • jacks
    • central bed
Main mirror is fixed in the mirror cell in axial direction by three rigid supports. Fixation along central bed of the cell in radial direction is provided by levers with unequal arms inserted in the central hole of the main mirror and furnished with temperature compensators to remove thermal deformations of the mirror and the cell.

The butt relief of main mirror is implemented according to Lassel and involves 18 relief mechanisms, three of which are replaced by rigid fixing supports after the adjustment.

The side relief is similar with the relief mechanisms working in both directions since mounting points are glued to the mirror. There are 16 radial relief mechanisms overall.

Three jacks are also provided in the cell to install and remove the main mirror.

Main mirror facts and figures:
Light diameter, mm
Diameter of central hole, mm
Focal ratio
Glass ceramic SO-115M
Mass of main mirror, kg
Mass of main mirror cell, kg