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The best images from the telescope

One of the image, obtained in the May, 2003, with Andor DW436 CCD. Cluster 1541+6626, filter R, exposure 15 minutes, the resolution is 1", limiting star magnitude is 23m, the field of view is 8' x 8'.

At the left: image of cluster 0720+7132 (z=0.268) obtained in the beginning of November, 2002 with RTT-150 and AP-47P CCD. 25 minutes exposure in R. The resolution is 0.7" (angular size of the image element - 0.23"), limiting stellar magnitude is 23.5-24. Guiding was carried out using ST-8E CCD. On the right - the same region from DSS-II for comparison. 


At the left: image of the central part of cluster of galaxies 1212+2733. 15 minute exposure in R filter. The resolution (seeing) is 0.9" with limiting stellar magnitude of 22m. The field of view of ST-8E CCD is 4.1'x2.7'. On the right - image of the same part of sky in the same scale taken from digitized plate of Palomar sky survey (DSS-2) for comparison. 

Some test pictures obtained by RTT150 in the beginning of the observations with ST-8E CCD.